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ICT services

We provide ICT services in the following areas:
Modeling and analysis
We have experience in modeling complex systems from a wide array of domains, of both software solutions and business models. Our strengths are strong customer interaction and extremely high quality models.
We generate high quality code in Java, C, C++, Python, Perl, PHP, R, XML, matlab/octave, fortran, sql, shell scripts... In addition we're experienced in refactoring existing code to improve extensibility, reduce errors and increase effectiveness. We use agile methods, such as Extreme Programming, as appropriate.
Mathematical expertise
We are experienced in algoritm analysis, mathematical model development, graph theory, and super-computer applications.
Data recovery
We have experience in recovering data lost due to software or hardware failures.
Linux administration
We have years of experience in administering Linux workstations and servers in various configurations. We mainly do Debian GNU/Linux.

Off limits

We don't do windows... We also do not do drone-tasks - we're too lazy (as Linus Torvalds defines "lazy"): we'll rather spend more time in creating a script or program to do them for us.