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Below is a sample of some of our work, from oldest to newest.
Involved in the technical design, development and maintenance of the web site of the largest PC magazine in Finland: C, C++, ASP.
Programming game server, in the tradition of CRobots: UML, Java (RMI distributed modular server, sandbox for user code, compilation service, custom http-tunneling protocol, Swing UI), SQL.
Design and development of the Fle3 learning environment: UML, Python, Zope.
Percolation modeling
Design and development of a super-computer simulation software for percolation analysis: C++, LaTeX, xmgrace, R, sed, awk, Matlab.
Unesco Sound of Our Water
Design and development of a community portal: Python, Zope.
Design and development of an art education community portal: Python, Zope.
Design and development of an educatioal community portal: Python, Zope, Plone.
Analysis, design and development of a psychology education portal: PHP, MySQL
Psykologien kustannus
Ddesign and implementation of a web store: PHP, MySQL
Accounting software for small businesses: UML, Java Servlets, Apache, Tomcat, IBM DB/2, PostgreSQL.
Subcontracted to do design and implementation of the backend of the largest free webmail service in Finland: Perl, Java, J2EE.
Hired to do scrum mastering, architecture design, and development of an open-source learning material collaboration platform. See the fully open development site as well.
Participatory design model for teachers.